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Tailor-made programs

Tailor-made programs for companies

The effective growth of a company or organization heavily relies on the training of its human resources. An important service of the Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is the design of tailor-made training programs for specific organizations. These programs are meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of each organization, drawing from various scientific disciplines such as:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Management & Strategy,
  • Marketing & Sales,
  • Statistics & Data Analysis,
  • Information Technologies,
  • Finance & Accounting.

Often, established programs that are already offered to the public serve as a foundation for these tailor-made programs.

For more information, the Human Resources departments of the companies concerned can contact the Center by phone (210 8203912) or via e-mail (kedivim-opa@aueb.gr).

Within the years 2018-2021, the following tailor-made programs have been implemented by the Center (the list is not complete):

  1. Training of Medical Center Executives in Digital Transformation and Investigation of Readiness for Change, offered to Iatriko Athinon EAE
  2. Capital Market Legislative Framework and Reception, Transmission, and Execution of Orders in Movable Securities (A1) for Executives of Alpha Bank, offered to Alpha Bank SA
  3. Strengthening the Skills of the Executives of Hellenic Petroleum SA, offered to Hellenic Petroleum SA
  4. Retail Management for executives of AB Vasilopoulos, offered AB Vasilopoulos SA
  5. In-house training in Business Analytics with Big Data, offered to Eurobank SA
  6. Executive Training of E.Y. in Tax Law, offered to ERNST & YOUNG
  7. Train the trainers program in practical data science with Python, National University of Ireland, Galway
  8. Certification B for executives of Alpha Bank SA, offered to Alpha Bank SA
  9. Educational Program for MSc students of the Korea Maritime University in: 1. Shipping Finance, Management and Investments 2. Business Decisions in Shipping and Data Models, offered to Korea Maritime and Ocean University
  10. Training in Business Analytics with Big Data, offered to Alpha Bank SA
  11. Effective Negotiation Strategies with Suppliers, offered to Mytileneos SA
  12. Online Marketing: Tools and App, offered to Samsung Electronics Hellas
  13. Negotiation Training at the National Bank of Greece Credit Academy, offered to National Bank of Greece
  14. Negotiation Skills, offered to Coventry University
  15. Kotsovolos - Training in Python and Data Processing, offered to Dixons South East Europe SA.
  16. Digital Marketing & Pharmaceutical Market, offered to MENARINI Hellas
  17. Executive Program in Retailing, offered to Dixons South East Europe SA.
  18. Transfer Pricing for Executives of SOL CONSULTING SA, offered to SOL CONSULTING SA
  19. Training Seminar - Institutional Framework for the Operation of the Capital Market for Executives of Alpha Bank SA, offered to Alpha Bank SA
  20. Innovation and Design Thinking in Mobile Applications and Services, offered to Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens
  21. Strengthening the Skills of OAED Employers' Labor Advisers, offered to Labor Force Employment Organization
  22. Certificate in Patient Experience Program, offered to KPMG Consultants Sole Proprietorship SA
  23. Development of a Customer Orientation Culture, offered to BAYER HELLAS SA
  24. Groupama Life Strategy, offered to Groupama Phoenix AEAE
  25. Samsung Innovation Campus – Upskilling Digitally, offered to Samsung Electronics Hellas
  26. Electronic Commerce – Basic Principles of eCommerce: ePharmacy Sector, offered to Advance Pharmacies SA
  27. Retail 4.0 - A glimpse in the future: Digital Transformation and Omnichannel Retailing for ECR members Hellenic Commission, offered to ECR
  28. Managing the Customer Experience (Customer Experience) in a Multi-Channel Environment and Leveraging Data, offered to Boehringer Ingelheim
  29. Effective Use of Digital Marketing Media and Tools, offered to LEO Pharmaceutical Hellas
  30. Digital Marketing Trends, Strategy and Tools, offered to Vodafone SA
  31. Training Program in Business Administration, offered to Hellenic Institute of Insurance Studies
  32. Income Tax and Transfer Pricing for Grant Thornton Executives, offered to Grant Thornton SA
  33. Negotiation and Relationship Management Strategies at IKEA, offered to IKEA
  34. Elearning Seminar on Corporate Governance in Listed Companies, offered to Alfa Bank SA
  35. Capital Market Legislative Framework – A1-D Training Seminar for Alpha Bank executives, offered to Alpha Bank SA
  36. Chalkiadaki Training Program, offered to Chalkiadakis Tourist Hotel Commercial and Industrial Enterprises Corporation
  37. Business Analytics using Excel & Power BI, offered to Special Recovery Fund Coordination Service


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For the in Class programs:

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  • dummy+30 210 8203 916, 912, 914

For the eLearning Programs:

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