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Pharmaceutical Management - EEFAM

Short Overview

The program is implemented in collaboration with the Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Management (H.A.P.M.). Combining the credibility and specialized knowledge of H.A.P.M. with the high-level academic resources and expertise of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the program promises participants a high-level educational experience in a learning environment that reflects the challenges and experiences of the real world.

The comprehensive study program, specifically designed to respond to market developments and educational priorities of industry professionals, aims to ensure a deep understanding of the complex pharmaceutical landscape and equip participants with useful knowledge and tools that will give new impetus to their career.

Learning Goals
Upon completion of the program, participants will:
  • have gained a deep understanding of the environment and functions of the pharmaceutical industry, which will enable them to successfully respond to new challenges and effectively exploit opportunities
  • be able to design and implement marketing programs with a long-term positive impact on the highly competitive pharmaceutical market
  • have acquired the principles and tools of financial management related to the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring informed decision-making and effective resource allocation
  • be able to utilize modern research tools for analyzing and interpreting market trends, designing effective marketing strategies
  • have a deep understanding of the principles of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management and Operations Management in the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to improving the overall efficiency of their organization.
Program Value
The program offers high-level theoretical and practical training tailored to the needs of industry professionals. The program contributes to the professional development of executives, providing them with a significant asset in the form of the prestige and experience of Athens University of Economics and Business. The educational content is modern and timeless, including established courses that offer stable value to students. The study program is balanced with appropriate theoretical and technical subjects.
Weekly Schedule
Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday 18:00-21:30 at the facilities of the Center (6th floor, Kefallinias 46, Athens)
Evaluation Method And Final Grade Computation
Evaluation is through a written examination and preparation of a final paper. The grade is obtained as an average of the eight units and the final paper. Each subject has a weighting factor of 10% and the final paper 20%. Therefore 80% of the grade results from the average of the 8 modules and 20% from the final assignment.
Section Organization
The modules were determined by the Center and the Greek Pharmaceutical Management Society to meet the training needs of pharmaceutical industry executives. They include basic administrative subjects always tailored to the specificities of the pharmaceutical industry.
Teaching Language
Application deadline: 30/09/2024
Program start: 22/10/2024
Program completion: 03/07/2025
Way to follow
ECTS units: 10
Hours of live training: 196
Includes training hours with classroom, laboratory, or remote (via live streaming) instruction along with any breaks.
Additional hours of employment: 104
Additional hours of work are included (indicative) and may include individual study, writing assignments, participation in field visits, participation in exams, etc.
Total hours: 300
The total hours include hours of synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as additional hours of employment.
Weeks of training: 32
Weeks in which activities of any kind are planned are included.
Vocational Education and Training Certificate
Trainees who successfully complete the program are granted a Vocational Education and Training Certificate of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is accompanied by a Supplement to the Certificate, detailing the subject of the program, the thematic units attended by the trainee , as well as the training methodology followed.
Christos Gialitakis, Secretariat Supervisor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 210 8203706
Target Audience
The program is aimed at executives in pharmaceutical companies or healthcare businesses, specifically:
  • Middle Managers: middle-level executives who wish to evolve into future business leaders.
  • Junior Talents: lower-level executives with prospects for rapid advancement to higher levels of hierarchy and responsibility in their companies.
  • Pharma Science Experts: executives regardless of rank, with scientific or technological training who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the business environment and evolve into capable team leaders.
Prerequisite Knowledge
  • Education level: The program is aimed at industry executives with a university or technical college degree.
  • Work experience: Work experience in the pharmaceutical market or related business sectors is desirable.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages: Knowledge of English is desirable.
Scientific Responsible
Mode And Frequency Of Communication
Via email, teleconferences and face-to-face meetings.
ΔΙΑ ΖΩΣΗΣ: 5500€
The program fees amount to €5,500 and are paid as follows: €500 upon registration and the rest (€5,000) in 5 installments, during the academic year. year, as follows: 1st installment: 31/12/2023, 2nd installment: 15/2/2024, 3rd installment: 31/3/2024, 4th installment: 15/5/2024, 5th installment: 30/6/2024. In the event of a discount, the amounts are adjusted.
Trainees are informed of the installment amounts and related deadlines via email upon their acceptance into the program.


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