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  • Business Administration and Entrepreneurship for Pharmacists

Business Administration and Entrepreneurship for Pharmacists

Short Overview

Completing their undergraduate studies and starting their career, pharmacists often realize that together with the basic knowledge in their field of study, they need to develop a set of new skills for which they are not prepared. For example, they must understand and respond to the needs of demanding customers, to negotiate effectively with representatives of collaborating companies, to understand the financial consequences of their decisions, to effectively manage their human workforce and to develop a consistent strategy for the development of the business.

In short, pharmacists, in order to survive and prosper, need to develop, business, leadership, financial and strategic skills. Often, they feel that for most of them they are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and that they need to learn those skills on the job, by improvising.

Learning Goals

This gap aims to cover the Educational Program on Management and Entrepreneurship for Pharmacists, organized for an eleventh consecutive time by the Athens University of Economics and Business with the sponsorship of Apivita. More than 200 pharmacists have completed the program.

The program entails more than 300 contact hours, and its uniqueness is that It educates participants in the theory and practice of a wide range of topics in the area of business administration and SME entrepreneurship. These topics include strategic thinking, marketing, leadership, finance and accounting, electronic commerce and social networks, negotiations and conflict resolution and others. At the end of the program participants are asked to create their own business plan for the development of their own pharmacy.

Program Value
The program is substantially different to any other existing program targeting pharmacists, as it does not focus on a single topic (e.g. marketing, sales, accounting), but it rather offers a holistic view of the pharmacy and its needs.
Weekly Schedule
As the program is aimed at practicing pharmacists, it was designed taking into account the working conditions of the industry (e.g. on-call, evening work). For this reason, it is held in the afternoon hours of working days, as a rule, one day a week, Monday afternoons 17:00-21:45, at the facilities of the Center, which are located at 46 Kefallinias Street, Athens. In case of holidays, the course is held on Wednesday afternoon. In this way, the program lasts a longer period of time, but the students respond better to their obligations, have more time and a much better possibility of assimilating the taught material.
Teaching Material
Each course aims to impart to the trainees the theory and practice of the subject. The most modern teaching methods are used (e.g. use of real case studies, audio-visual media, business games, articles from the international and Greek literature, role playing). In any case, the pharmacy is the basic case study of the application of all these concepts, knowledge and techniques. University notes in Greek and English as well as other materials (e.g. books on the main subjects of the program, lecture slides and articles/bibliography related to the subject and the discipline) are distributed to the participants free of charge.
Evaluation Method And Final Grade Computation
Written exams and submission of an assignment (business plan)
With the kind support of APIVITA
Teaching Language
Application deadline: 01/11/2023
Program start: 06/11/2023
Program completion: 15/06/2025
Way to follow
Other important information
  • The Athens University of Economics and Business - Apivita collaboration was awarded a Silver Award in the framework of the "Responsible Business Awards 2019: Transforming modern entrepreneurship, for the common good". For more information seehere.
  • See comments from previous traineeshere.
ECTS units: 21
Hours of live training: 300
Included are the training hours with classroom, laboratory, or remote (via livestreaming) instruction along with any breaks.
Additional hours of employment: 330
Additional hours of work are included (indicative) and may include individual study, writing assignments, participation in field visits, participation in exams, etc.
Total hours: 630
The total hours include hours of synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as additional hours of employment.
Weeks of training: 60
Weeks in which activities of any kind are planned are included.
Vocational Education and Training Certificate
Trainees who successfully complete the program are granted a Vocational Education and Training Certificate of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is accompanied by a Supplement to the Certificate, detailing the subject of the program, the thematic units attended by the trainee , as well as the training methodology followed.
Petros Kalkanis, Implementation Office, , 210 8203916
Ntina Kavalari, Secretariat, , 210 8203914
Target Audience
It is addressed to active Pharmacists and pharmacy workers with at least two years of experience.
ΔΙΑ ΖΩΣΗΣ: 3200€
Trainees are informed of the installment amounts and related deadlines via email upon their acceptance into the program.


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