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Retail Sales - IPE - SELPE

Short Overview
The retail sales are the link between businesses and end consumers. It is a critical function of the economy and is the moment of truth for the commercial success of products. Retail trade is a particularly important sector of the Greek economy with a huge contribution to employment and GDP.
Learning Goals
The program is designed for individuals with both extensive and limited experience in sales who wish to acquire modern training and specialization in retail sales. The aim of this program is to provide participants with the appropriate cognitive tools (e.g., understanding the role of sales executives in modern retail) and practical skills (e.g., sales techniques, retail customer service processes) so that they can use the knowledge they will gain to act effectively as retail sales executives. As a result, after completing the program, trainees will be able to:
  • Understand the modern environment of retail trade,
  • Effectively follow the stages of a sales process, apply different approaches and techniques tailored to the type of sale,
  • Understand the retail customer and serve them correctly,
  • Effectively manage customer relationships after the sale,
  • Understand basic concepts of commercial stores and the role of modern retail sellers,
  • Propose and implement merchandising methods and promotional activities,
  • Know the role of digital media and social media in the world of sales.
Program Value
After completing the program, graduates will be able not only to know but also to successfully use sales strategies, tools, and techniques in practice as trained professionals. They will have added an important asset to their resume that certifies their training in sales and promotes their career and success.
Evaluation Method And Final Grade Computation
The trainees, after completing the study of module, are required to take the corresponding written test remotely, which will be in the form of multiple choice and/or short answer questions through the electronic platform, following the schedule given. The score of previous modules is made known to the trainee before the deadline for submitting the test of the next unit. Successful completion of the program and award of a training certificate requires a final grade of at least 50%.
Learning Method Description
The program uses the eLearning educational method: learning takes place purely asynchronously (that is, on days and hours that serve the trainee, without mandatory attendance at a specific time or day), exclusively remotely (using a special educational platform via the internet from the trainee's area) and using digital educational tools such as video lectures, interactive self-assessment exercises, and other elearning tools that ensure effective and flexible individual self-learning. The program's training material becomes available at specific time periods, based on the training path followed, and then remains available on the training platform without restrictions throughout the duration of the program.
Under the auspicies of IPE and SELPE
Teaching Language
Application deadline: 15/05/2024
Program start: 22/05/2024
Program completion: 15/09/2024
Scientific area
Way to follow
ECTS units: 3
Hours of asynchronous training: 80
Includes training hours (indicative) using an asynchronous distance learning (eLearning) platform.
Additional hours of employment: 10
Additional hours of work are included (indicative) and may include individual study, writing assignments, participation in field visits, participation in exams, etc.
Total hours: 90
The total hours include hours of synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as additional hours of employment.
Weeks of training: 16
Weeks in which activities of any kind are planned are included.
Vocational Education and Training Certificate
Trainees who successfully complete the program are granted a Vocational Education and Training Certificate of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is accompanied by a Supplement to the Certificate, detailing the subject of the program, the thematic units attended by the trainee , as well as the training methodology followed.
Target Audience
The program is aimed at existing retail sales executives and individuals who want to engage in retail sales as employees or entrepreneurs and are interested in gaining professional training. The program is organized under the auspices of the Sales Institute of Greece (IPE) and the auspices of SELPE and has attracted great interest from their members.
Prerequisite Knowledge
  • High school diploma.
  • Basic computer skills (word processing, worksheets, browsers, e-mail).
Scientific Responsible
Mode And Frequency Of Communication
Communication between trainers and trainees is purely asynchronous, via e-mails and/or personal messages through the training platform.
The total amount of tuition is €580 and is paid in two installments. The first installment, of €220, is paid as an advance payment before the start of the courses, to secure the place, and the second, of €360, is paid before the program is half completed. In the event of a discount, the above amounts are reduced proportionally. Especially in the case of a 20% discount, the above amounts are set at €464 (total amount), €220 (first installment - advance payment) and €244 (second installment).
Trainees are informed of the installment amounts and related deadlines via email upon their acceptance into the program.


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