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  • Accounting and Taxation for Practitioners

Accounting and Taxation for Practitioners

Short Overview
Traditionally, Accounting and Taxation are two closely interconnected subjects, with particular importance for the management of businesses and organizations and for making sound business decisions. At the same time, the two subjects offer a significant opportunity for employment, providing high job security. Recognizing the lack of personnel with adequate training in both subjects, the Program offers a balanced and comprehensive mix of knowledge in both subjects, and has been enriched with related subjects that a professional in the field is called upon to know.
Learning Goals
The Seminar aims to provide professionals with comprehensive and applied knowledge in Accounting and Taxation, so that they are able to safely respond to the specificities of the modern business environment and the complexity of an ever-changing regulatory framework. Upon completion of the course, trainees will be able to handle these issues effectively and safely, and provide documented solutions and advice, achieving rapid professional development.
Program Value
The Program is designed for professionals (accountants, tax experts, tax consultants) and for those who, having a suitable educational background, aim to enter the profession. In particular, the Program responds to the needs of those who wish to complete or quickly acquire comprehensive knowledge, and the ability to apply it practically, in the range of subjects that Accountants and Tax Professionals deal with. By successfully completing this Program, the trainees will have acquired all the required knowledge and skills to enter the labor market in audit firms (accounting services - bookkeeping, tax department, audit), in the finance / accounting department of companies and organizations, or to start as free-lance tax accountants – tax consultants.
Weekly Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00pm to 21:30pm
Teaching Material
The training material includes specially written notes with comprehensive analysis of provisions, administrative solutions and jurisprudence, as well as solved practical examples. In addition, the teaching material includes realistic case studies on accounting and tax issues and practical application of legislation using current tax forms.
Evaluation Method And Final Grade Computation
The final grade is based on written examinations. The certificate shows the average score in the examined thematic units. Scores from 50 to 64 are denoted as "Good", from 65 to 85 are denoted as "Very Good" and from 86 to 100 are denoted as "Excellent".
Learning Method Description
Innovating in the methodology of lifelong training, the program offers to the trainees the opportunity of practicing and self-evaluation in a number of problems, based on situations and scenarios arising in practice, which cover well the program's material. For each question, the learner has access to the complete and explanatory rationale for the correct answer. Successful completion of the program is assessed through written exams. In selected sections, at the discretion of the lecturer, the evaluation can be done by a written assignment or by a combination of assignment and examination.
Application deadline: -
Program start: 12/09/2023
Program completion: 28/05/2024
Scientific area
Way to follow
Other important information
The application is submitted in two stages:
  • Submission of an application on the online platform.
  • Submission of the supporting documents as electronic files to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: "Accounting and Taxation Program". Alternatively, the supporting documents can be delivered in paper form to the Center's address, 46 Kefallinias Street, 112 51, Athens, 6th floor.
The supporting documents submitted include the relevant certificates of study the applicants hold (if applicable, a degree or a detailed score showing the courses in which the candidate has been successfully examined or another certificate of study or high school diploma) and a curriculum vitae showing relevant experience, if available. Candidates are invited to an oral interview before the final selection.
ECTS units: 20
Hours of live training: 290
Included are the training hours with classroom, laboratory, or remote (via livestreaming) instruction along with any breaks.
Hours of asynchronous training: 136
Includes training hours (indicative) using an asynchronous distance learning (eLearning) platform.
Additional hours of employment: 174
Additional hours of work are included (indicative) and may include individual study, writing assignments, participation in field visits, participation in exams, etc.
Total hours: 600
The total hours include hours of synchronous and asynchronous training, as well as additional hours of employment.
Weeks of training: 36
Weeks in which activities of any kind are planned are included.
Vocational Education and Training Certificate
Trainees who successfully complete the program are granted a Vocational Education and Training Certificate of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is accompanied by a Supplement to the Certificate, detailing the subject of the program, the thematic units attended by the trainee , as well as the training methodology followed.
C. Caramanis, Professor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 697 427 8653
Target Audience
The program is aimed at professional accountants who work either as freelancers or as employees in companies and organizations. The program is also suitable for higher education graduates who have been taught basic courses in Accounting and are interested in embarking on a career in Accounting and Taxation.
Prerequisite Knowledge
It is recommended, without being a formal condition of acceptance, that candidates have two years of relevant experience. Those who do not have a higher education degree or who are not university or college graduates, must have at least three years of relevant work experience. For those trainees who do not have a good foundation in Accounting, preparatory courses have been planned before starting the program.
Scientific Responsible
Mode And Frequency Of Communication
The trainees will have the possibility of direct or electronic (email) communication with the trainers and the Scientific Lead of the program, for issues related to the educational process.
ΔΙΑ ΖΩΣΗΣ: 3000€
Of the total tuition, the amount of 500 euros is paid upon registration and the balance in 3 equal installments, until the following dates: 31.10.2023, 31.01.2024 and 31.03.2024. For students or graduates of the Athens University of Economics, employees of the Ministry of Finance, group registrations of three or more employees in the same company or organization, or members of associations of professional accountants (POFEE, etc.) the tuition fee is equal to €2500 (for life or live streaming monitoring). For the unemployed, the tuition fee is equal to €2000 (for online or live streaming viewing).
Trainees are informed of the installment amounts and related deadlines via email upon their acceptance into the program.


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